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What we expect of You

At Leading Edge Pediatric Therapy, we provide patients with the best therapy available.  We believe in understanding the nature of each child's functional movement difficulty through a personalized assessment. You are a big part of your child's team and we depend on you to carry over your child's program through play and daily activities.

Happy Family

Your Rights & Responsibilities

To accomplish this task, you as a parent or caregiver need to be able to focus on, and participate in, your child's therapy.  Sometimes you may choose to involve siblings which may be beneficial if they can follow directions and help when invited to do so.  Otherwise, they should bring something to do as you will be focused on your child's therapy during this time.  Or this may be a time that they prefer to stay at home or with a friend.

Children's isolation diapers teethers baby bottle with breast milk.jpg

Come Prepared

We want your child to be comfortable so please bring personal items such as diapers, bottles or cups, and something to drink as your child will likely become thirsty in therapy.  We have plenty of toys but if there is that one special toy that always makes things better or gets your child to move, please bring that as well.  Finally, please know that we encourage lots of hug breaks as needed to keep everyone energized and working hard.

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