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What do we use?

Therasuit & Spider Cage

When you say that you suspend children in a cage, some folks do a double take.  But imagine being a child who has never been able to create movement in standing!  Or a child who couldn't jump without a parent's assistance?  Giving children the freedom to move is one benefit of this cage.  The bands can be used to assist or resist movement depending on your child's abilities.

Swings, Balls & Trampolines!

Lots of things are used to help children get comfortable with, and control, movement.  We put children on large balls, swings, trampolines and other moving objects so they can learn about controlling their bodies in space.  Don't tell anyone - it's also lots of fun!

Treadmills & Vibration Platforms

Sometimes we have to use machines to give a boost to our strengthening.  We have a vibrating platform to strengthen bones and muscles and a treadmill for practicing walking.

Ordinary Toys used in Extraordinary Ways

Scooters, plastic bats, basketball hoops, hand-propelled riding toys all make "therapy" fun and children more willing to do all those repetitions needed for learning.

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