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Pediatric Incontinence Resolution

Resolving Bedwetting and Ongoing Accidents

Bedwetting, leaking or soiling is not normal but is it common and it can be resolved.  It is not your or your child's fault.  These innovative approaches have been shown to work.  

We will work with you to determine the best approaches for your child's individual situation.  Let us help eliminate the frustration, stress and embarrassment.

Specialized Treatments

Torticollis, Balance & Vestibular, Visual Motor, Boosting Motor Development, and Others

We don't want you to think that Leading Edge is only about treating children who have extensive needs.  If your child is on the verge of walking and just needs help to get to the next step, a visit or two may be just right for you.  We can also treat babies with torticollis (a tilted or turned head) or plagiocephaly (head flattening) - the earlier the better.  Likewise, if your child has problems with visual-motor control, we can also help.

Please see the page that best describes your child.

Intensive Neuromotor Retraining

Focused Treatment to Maximize Benefit

Children in these programs are treated like athletes.  Training in specific activities helps your child achieve the greatest gain.  Your child may benefit from constraint-induced training to improve use of one side of the body. Therasuit and cage therapy can be used to strengthen and get your child sitting or standing for the first time.  A unique combination of therapeutic activities will be used to improve your child's motor learning and skills.

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