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Developmental Coordination Disorder "Clumsy Child"

Coordination Problems

Is your child the one that runs into everything or doesn't seem to notice obstacles in his path?  Or perhaps he has no concept of his own personal space, standing too close to others?  Maybe he falls when he's just standing still.  Maybe he runs like he's losing his pants?  Believe it or not, we've seen it many times and we can help.  Like many other problems, this may be due to muscular weakness, sensory problems, or a complex combination.

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Some of your child's difficulties may be caused by hypotonia.  Does your child sit like the child in the picture?  It is called "W-sitting" and is one of many positions children use throughout the day.  If your child stays in this position most of the time, it may be to make them more stable.  But it can limit their movement.  These are often children who had difficulty creeping or crawling - often using sitting and scooting as an alternative.  Let us help your improve your child's core control and movement.

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