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Pediatric Bowel or Bladder Incontinence

AKA bedwetting, soiling, dribbling, wetting pants, name it!

10% of children over 5 years old experience urine leakage (enuresis).  It can occur during the day (urgency, dribbling, wetting pants) or at night (bedwetting).  About 3% have fecal leakage (encopresis). 

Both bladder or bowel leaks can be associated with constipation, problems with muscular tone or control.  Diet too can play a role. 

Unfortunately, children rarely "outgrow" these conditions on their own and it is often mistakenly believed to be a behavioral problem.  It isn't, and children would certainly prefer not to have these issues!

The good news is there are solutions and you are not alone!  We will partner with you and your child to resolve these problems which, if untreated, can become persistent, lasting for years.

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